Joy in God- A Letter To My Wife

With our anniversary being less than 24 hours away, I'm automatically reminded of the first letter I wrote to my "future wife" seven years ago. I wrote by faith. I say that because in 2011 I did not know at all who my wife would be, but I did know that my ultimate satisfaction was in God and I could give all my desires to Him. 

My wife and I had not met yet, but on that day I wanted to write to my future bride. I did know that God was faithful to answer my prayers, and He did. A few years ago I was able to look through the shed to find the letter I wrote back in 2011. Jasmine, my wife, was able to read it for the first time. This was my letter to my future wife. Praise God:

To you,
I think of you now because God has allowed me to. Finding the joy in thinking about sharing life with you, this thought has been weighing on my heart since the time of sincere thought. I’ve chased you too long; blindfolded by a guide of emotion and impatience. By the time you read this it will be revealed to me that God has heard me, and that I have found favor with Him. On that note, let me say with faith and reverence to His care... I love you.

I love you because He has sanctified and is sanctifying me to do so. My godly brothers in Christ, by grace, model the dying of self for their wives and their household. I must say, I’ve been dying to do the same. Through the clarity of God’s faithfulness, I knew your beauty would be a reflection of true favor for His glory; look at your fruit. Look at what He has done for me. 

On this day, May 22, 2011 I can truly say that I love you. I can say that because He has made me alive to do so. Your heart is open because He has opened it. True love is only illustrated from the pure instruction of Jesus. Let us surrender to this faithful command... Love. I write this, again, because of a promise that you would be here. Look, here you are. One under Christ our Lord. To you. See you soon.

By God's grace I married my wife on August 9th, 2014. He is faithful. Amen.


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